Expedition America 2016

A challenging voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean

In late April 2016 Draken Harald Hårfagre, the worlds largest viking ship built in modern times, will leave her home port in Haugesund, Norway and sail off for a challenging voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

The aim is to explore and relive one of the most mythological sea voyages – the first transatlantic crossing, and the Viking discovery of the New World, more than a thousand years ago. History tells us about the Viking explorer, Leif Eriksson, who discovered America over 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
 The expedition is all about exploring the world, just like the Vikings did.

The project will, like Leif Eriksson, create intercultural meetings and inspire people to go beyond the horizon in a modern Viking saga.  Along the traditional route, the ship will pass Viking settlements and new archaeological findings.

Reaching the American continent,  Expedition America 2016 will sail on visting ports in Canada and USA.

The Vikings were accomplished navigators, artisans, traders and story tellers, but their greatest triumph was the ship they built.